Where the heart is

7Elm-constructionReading through this blog, it’s not too hard to figure out how sentimental I am. Who said nostalgia wasn’t a good thing?

Ly-and-BarbIt’s also quite obvious that I adore my grandparents. We live in the same house that was built by my grandfather (my pregnant gram helped by giving direction and taking photos).

7Elm-construction47Elm-construction27Elm-construction6And it hits me when I see moments like this, captured by the technology of its time. My grandfather likes to remind me that he built the house in his “spare time”. As in, after a 50-hour work week.

7Elm-construction3Like a fortress rising up out of the ground.

7Elm-construction7Here it still stands today, changed by time, unchanged by memories.

f8134-dscn0082Proud to call it home.

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