Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. What could be better than family and friends gathering to enjoy good food and great company? Throw in 60+ degree weather, sunshine, and homemade sangria and you’ve got the makings for an awesome holiday.

Spiced Cider Sangria
1 bottle Chianti
1/2 bottle Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
(what can I say? we like rum)
1/2 gallon apple cider
1/2 liter soda water
Mix in spice mix, cinnamon sticks and sliced fruit

We got crafty a few days before Thanksgiving and made up some cute place settings using pine cones from a local thrift store, craft paper, ribbon and leaf stickers. Total cost of this project: less than $10. And we have extra so we can add more names for next year 😉

Not to mention, they were a great addition to the fabulous table Nan decorated:
We started off the meal with some amazing squash and sweet potato soup. Trust me when I say it was even more delicious thank it looks.
Then it was grub time. Excuse the mismatched pink cup… I needed lots of water to go along with the heaping mountain of food I consumed.
Once the tryptophan set in we all scattered around the house for a nap, making sure to wake up in time for some football and dessert.
I have to say that overall, this is the best Thanksgiving I can remember. I have many, many fond memories of Thanksgivings past, but this one was very special being the first holiday spent with Evan as a married couple, and with my new family. There was no shortage of gratitude and happy bellies after our amazing meal, and it really set the tone as we look forward to entertaining even more family and friends next month. 

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