The Pink Lady

Our bathroom is a lovely shade of pink.
Yes, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon a cute bungalow with an unfortunate pink tiled bathroom. Can anyone tell me why pink bathrooms were such a trend in the 60s?
The other unfortunate thing is this is the only bathroom in the house (unless you call the random shower and mirror in the laundry room a bathroom). So we either hate it or we embrace it. We’re attempting to go with the latter.
Please, try to restrain your envy for this beautiful faux-marble PINK vanity.
Trust me, if we owned this house the bathroom would likely already be gutted and ready for an overhaul. But we’re merely renters at this point in the game so we’re going to work with what we have and be damn grateful we have anything at all.
It started with the mirror.
Nan attacked the greenish-hued trim with a sponge brush and some white paint which made quite a noticeable difference.
In an effort to “bring out” the grey color in the “marbleized” vanity (I said we’re working with what we have, okay?) we got to painting.
Nan mixed her own color: a very light grey in an effort to offset the pinkness.
Now, this is my first time painting walls ever. It’s something I’ve been dreaming of doing ever since I discovered the world of DIY and blogging. I figured NBD because this is a tiny room and as long as we have the tools (paint, a roller and an edger) I’d be a natural. Since I’m so artistic and all.
It’s not that we didn’t whip this together in no time (we did) but DAMN were my arms and back sore. I’m slightly nervous to attack our bedroom which is about 6 times the size of the bathroom but I know this is only the beginning…
Anywho, here is how the Pink Lady looked when we finished:
And yes these are craptastic iPhone photos so the lighting isn’t the greatest. I’ve also noticed that the color tends to look slightly purple at different times of the day. But we still think grey/purple and pink is an improvement over dirty white and pink.
Poor Ev, not only is he the only man in a house of four women, he also has to shave and shower in bathroom I now refer to as the Pink Lady. Hopefully the new hue will help him feel manlier.
Other stuff on the bathroom to-do list:
  • Add shelving above toilet
  • Add window treatment
  • Get shower caddies

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