Easy Chair Makeover

Reupholstering any piece of furniture has been a daunting thought, although one I desperately wanted to explore. It seemed that the pieces I have had to choose from would simply be too advanced for my skill level and time, so I ditched the vintage chair that I wanted to breathe new life into and even gave away a really neat chaise lounge that I picked up from the side of the road because I just knew it would never happen.

YardSale 008

Meanwhile, this old slipper chair from Target had been hanging around the house in various locations. I even tried selling it back in 2012 when we were getting ready to move to Ohio, but there were no takers so back in the house it went. And stayed…

We kept the chair floating around our bedroom after moving back in 2014, and Stella had made it her personal scratching post. It had certainly seen better days.

Then it dawned on me — I could definitely reupholster this. Or at the very least, just get some new fabric and staple it over the existing. The chair could come apart in two pieces, how hard could it be?

So when my fellow DIY-loving cousin came for his annual two-week stay this month, the chair became one of the projects we decided to tackle. And I’m happy to report it wasn’t hard at all.


We purchased way more fabric than we needed (5 yards at $5 each from JoAnn). I fell for this printed burlap because Sienna is quite enamored with vehicles, and has lately taken a liking to hot air balloons and blimps. Not to mention, since we weren’t interested in taking the existing fabric off, the thicker burlap meant it wouldn’t show through. It was perfect.


I didn’t take pictures of the process, but after an hour of tag-teaming with a staple gun and scissors, we had a pretty neat finished product. Our seams are pretty damn tight, if I do say so myself.


For now, I’m leaving the legs as is — a little chipped and banged up, but still good. Stella approves.


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