Spontaneity & The City

Thanks to having much more openness and flexibility in my life as of late, we’ve been venturing in to Boston quite a bit, starting with a romp around the North End for my best friend’s pre-wedding celebration. Then we scored free tickets to enjoy a game and overpriced beer at this old gem:

IMG_0594A few weeks later we found ourselves spontaneously gallivanting around the North End (again), sampling wines and cheeses in good company. Well, it was about as spontaneous as two young parents could possibly get. With 48 hours notice and a babysitter lined up, it was a perfectly acceptable way to spend a bright and breezy Friday afternoon.

IMG_0703 Every visit to Boston leaves me buzzing. That might have just been the wine, but seriously. This city has energy. And character up the wazoo. (Apparently I’m stealing one-liners from the 90’s now. You’re welcome.)

Sometimes I long for the city. The cobblestone streets, secret alley ways, gorgeous architecture, amusing people… it’s so alive. I become captured by it, at least for a few fleeting hours. I like being a tourist in my own town, taking it all in, then eventually retreating to a quieter place called home.

That’s nice too.North End, BostonBut there’s no doubt that being “from Boston” is ingrained into my identity. I’m endlessly fascinated by the history of this place, and can’t help feeling deeply connected to it.

Sometimes I want to travel far, maybe live somewhere else again. I think it’s just in my nature, to always be looking out, wondering what’s next. In all the years I have traveled in and out of the city of Boston, I’ve never seen it the same way twice. So… there’s some magic in that.

IMG_0694In a couple months we’ll be sharing our version of the New England experience with our visiting friends from Ohio. My eagerness and need to plan ahead means I’ve already put together an itinerary for their jam packed 3-day visit, but of course there’s always room for spontaneity.

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