Getting Fired is Fantastic

Boston's North End

Rejection is redirection. I read that somewhere recently and can’t site it, but in my mind it lives. This has been my mantra over the past few weeks. I’ve already binged on the humble pie, now it’s time for me to be a little more brazen.

Getting Fired is Fantastic because:

I no longer have to work for a sad, disillusioned person.

My ideas are mine again, for me to put into writing about things that I enjoy and not something that I was obligated to care about.

I have more emotional availability for my family and friends, and I get to be fully present and happy for the important people in my life.

My search for the next opportunity is more of a curious and exciting endeavor. It’s also a lot more refined as I understand so much better what it is that I want and enjoy.

I’m more in tune with the contributions I can make with the time I’m willing to give, as well as the skills I’d like to sharpen or learn anew.

I’m completely open and aware, and as a result have already lined up my next opportunity that I’m feeling quite good about. No expectations this time, no feelings of need (and thus a fear of loss). Just a good ol’ fashioned business arrangement with lots of potential.


So, I’m feeling rejuvenated. Excited. I’m 100% aware of the beautiful people, places, and experiences that I’ve had and am about to have.

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