The story of a chair

Maybe it’s just me…

20140907_100723But I happen to think this old chair is pretty fetching.

It’s been hiding under a stretchy blue slip cover for decades. And I want to breathe new life back into it.

20140907_100844_HDROh man, this looks like a lot of work. Am I crazy?

I’ve never reupholstered so much as a seat cushion before. So the thought of diving into this project is daunting, to say the least. But…

20140907_100923_HDRIt has nice lines. And legs. And it’s a legitimate, vintage chair custom ordered on June 11, 1953. Probably one of the first pieces of furniture my grandparents bought to liven up their newly constructed home. Lovingly hand-stitched by a woman named Evelyn.

20140907_101146~4So, my little Shirley Lime chair with the blond legs… prepare yourself.

And me… what the hell are you getting yourself into?

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