46969_1548059512212_1556808846_1408014_5822816_nI’m a water person. I mean I am literally more than 50% water, but that’s not the point of this post.

I grew up taking day trips to various beaches on the North Shore. Most of the time we went to Gloucester, with sandy beaches named Wingaersheek and Good Harbor. Sometimes to Crane in Ipswich, but if you’re not into getting eaten alive then you may want to steer clear. Flesh eating flying monsters aside, these days I’m all about the economical beach trip in both price and distance. Long Beach in Nahant provides plenty of sand, sun, and the sea to my heart’s content.


I realize there are many other lovely beaches in New England and I have only just begun to explore them all. I’ve made my way up to Salisbury on occasion, as well as Hampton and Old Orchard. I’ve only visited the Cape when it was too cold to beach it for a day. I have family in Wells, Maine and absolutely no excuse not to pick a day to explore York. I plan to someday venture to the south shore to Nantasket Beach in Hull, the the stretch of sand where my grandmother spent much of her youth basking in the sun.


(July 17, 1947) She told me many times, “I slathered myself in baby oil and came home from the beach that day red as a lobster. My father said, ‘I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for you!'”

I’m also a big fan of other bodies of water, like lakes and rivers and ponds. And I should be honest, I’m talking about the ones that exist within New England. Sorry Lake Erie, ya just didn’t do it for me.


When I was much younger, my neighbors would take me out on their boat. We typically ventured out from Pope’s Landing in Danvers and would go up to Weir’s Beach in New Hampshire, or we’d tow the boat up to Lake Winnipesaukee. I was a boating, tubing, fishing enthusiast. The days spent on the water were some of the best memories of my younger years.

IMG_3597A little later in life, Evan and I were married on a tropical beach. We almost had a big DIY wedding in our backyard. So glad that never happened. Jamaica was better.

IMG_3675Sienna was literally born in water. She napped on a towel the last time we were at the beach, so she is a natural.

So basically… I like love the water. Water in New England is magical. The ocean, the lakes, the rivers that carve out this little piece of Earth that I like to call my own. The feeling of peace and oneness that I experience when I can gaze out at the blue upon blue horizon. The feeling of salt water dripping off my skin. The sights, the smells, the air… it’s who I am.

It’s who we are.

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