Drops of life

There’s a new normal going on around here. One that I resisted, and slowly, painfully learned that resistance is futile.

Change comes whether I’m ready or not. Whether I want it or not. One minute, you’re just planting a seed…

And the next…

One minute…

And the next…

Her legs are a mile long and she knows how to use ’em. I’m staring at the end of my 25th year; Sienna’s first. All I can say is, wow…

I like this new normal. Days filled with a million things that could be, should be done. Sometimes cracking open a book is better. Quiet nights catching up, imagining what’s up ahead. Quality time with great people. Appreciation for where we live. Motivation for a healthy, active life. Participating in the blossoming of a beautiful human being.

It’s good to have no idea what’s in store. The past won’t tell you unless you’re already repeating it. The future will just create uncertainty, anxiety, doubt. Nothing outside of now can be known. Just be present, be open, and enjoy each moment. The drops of life are sweet.

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