As Is

There’s a loooooooooooottttt of pretty pictures out there of perfectly manicured, not even close to being lived in homes.


My home is not one of them. And I’m still insisting on taking 99.9% of my pictures on my iPhone. Resulting in many grainy, poorly lit and out of focus photos. 
But I guess that’s the way it is until I either A. upgrade my phone or B. get serious and use a real camera. My vote is for option A. 
Back to the Pinterest perfect homes. I’m not hating, I love looking at these pictures. I read countless home improvement blogs and droll over vintage reupholstered chairs and wall organizers crafted out of scrap wood. I think that I can do all of these things and someday my home, too, will look just as unique and awesome.
Sometimes I get frustrated that it seems too out of reach. Then I realize the kinds of tricks that cameras and Photoshop can play. That those insanely tidy shots of a cozy reading nook or a kitchen just waiting to be cooked in are very small fragments of a whole picture that likely includes baby toys and clutter and messy floors.
So without tidying, I decided to snap a few shots of our room. As is. This is our very humble abode, much of it was already here. I finally got around to adding in some of our own stuff while repurposing many things that I’ve found around this 60-year-old house…
 Our sleeping nook, dressed up with a colorful Nate Berkus comforter and striped pillow. 
Making the bed is overrated.
   Old wooden box turned bracelet storage. 
Lovely old dresser.
The desk is bulky and in need of a fresh face. But for now, it works…
And that’s what I keep reminding myself. For now, it works. Things are just fine. In fact, they’re better than fine.
Life is great, as is.

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