A Month in Pictures: August 2012

I’ve taken a serious liking to the blog The Wilder Coast. I just love the way Melina writes. And I love her pictures. Her All in a Week posts are great – I really like the small glimpse you get to take into a completely different life. It’s also cool to look at your own.
Blogging is a way for me to document and organize. A place for writings and pictures and whatever else seems relevant to the point I’m trying to make that day. I realized I needed an outlet, a go-to place to just… let it out. I don’t necessarily need an audience. I truly just want a place for my thoughts, bouts of creativity, and energy that needs a release. A place for me to experiment, I suppose. It’s what helps me strike a balance in this life that is constantly changing and evolving, taking new shapes as the months go on.
So let’s start with the month that I got myself a perty ol’ iPhone, which has given me the ability to stay in touch with family I left behind, document life and share. 
Thanks technology.
& Cheers to August of the past.

1. Richardson’s ice cream will be missed. 2. Birthday cupcakes. 3. Pretty yellow blooms. 4. Perfecto’s does coffee right. 5. Local wine sipping with friends. 6. The most delicious food on the planet. 7. Take me home, Route 62. 8 & 9. Packing perils for women; the ease of being a man. 10. Nothing says goodbye and good luck like a giant cookie. 11 & 12. The last supper; a lotta love for family. 13. Leaving our mark. 14. Stella braves the trip. 15. Almost there…

2 thoughts on “A Month in Pictures: August 2012

  1. So I’m TRYING to study the periodic table but all these pictures of cake and cupcakes are destroying me. Off to Whole Foods to buy myself a treat. xo


    • The person who inspired this post discovered it and left a comment? Man, I love the internet! Thanks for taking the time, Melina 🙂
      And you’re welcome for the sugary homework distraction. Cake > studying. Every time.


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