Happy Fall Y’all

I’m officially a fall person. I’ve always liked fall and I still believe it doesn’t last long enough. Just when summer started to feel like it was dragging on forever, the humid air let up and BOOM it was fall. I didn’t want to waste any time getting into the season, especially when things feel like they’re going crazy fast all around you and stores are putting out Christmas decorations before October 1. What is wrong with these people? Can we please enjoy this pleasantly cool and colorful time of year before things turn bleak and cold?

I’ve done a lot of pumpkin carving in my day, but I’ve never attempted any other form of pumpkin decorating. Thanks to the Internet I’m fully aware of how crafty people are and I wanted to join the club. So I pulled out some old acrylic paints and brushes and set to work on my pumpkin.

I like a classic Jack-O-Lantern face on pumpkins, so that’s what I went with. Plus I’m just not that clever or artistic enough to do much else. Some painters tape and an X-Acto knife was all I needed to get the features I wanted. Then I got to paintin’.

I thought about 1/4 way through the painting process that I could have used the tape to get better stripes, but then realized I didn’t really care that much about making my painted pumpkin Pinterest worthy. It would be cool even with messy lines.

I also thought after pulling the tape off that I could retouch some of the spots where paint should be… and after 3-4 coats on each stripe I was officially painted out. So while I called this pumpkin good to go, I still needed to get my crafty fix. I found some leftover white streamer from Evan’s birthday last December and made a mummy pumpkin.

Nan wanted in on the pumpkin decorating action so she spray painted one black and glued rhinestones and googly eyes all over it. I think it looks pretty cool.

And now the front of our house is nice and festive. You won’t find an inflatable decoration on our lawn. If you ever do, feel free to stab it with a pair of scissors.

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