Re-purposing Fun: Neglected Dresser turned Entertainment Center

Nearly a month later I’m almost done with our entertainment center, proving that one man’s trash is a frugal woman’s treasure.

After picking up this dresser with the nice albeit banged up legs I knew it would make a great vintage/antique looking entertainment center with a bright, bold color. Just the thing to add something fun and functional to our otherwise dark and beige living room, and I was eager to finally get my hands on something and release the creativity.

So the dresser sat in the garage for a few days weeks. Per usual, I procrastinated while browsing for a tutorial on refinishing a piece. In the meantime Nan and I made our way to the Depot to decide on a paint color. Behr’s Teal Zeal was the winner. We also picked up the necessary supplies, like wood filler and this little guy:

As you can see, the top of the dresser was in tough shape, much like the rest of it. After filling in a few holes and gouges I sanded ‘er down, then noticed the wood bubbling around the edges. I decided the top layer was too crappy to salvage, and upon further inspection I realized it could actually be peeled off to reveal the natural wood below.

With putty knife in hand I scraped til I couldn’t scrape anymore, then sanded it down one more time. I do realize that I essentially took off a layer of the wood but it worked just fine, revealing a much smoother surface below. The rest of the piece wasn’t going to peel as easy at the top so I figured what the hell, I wanted that dark brown to show through the teal a bit to give it a distressed look.

One coat of paint gave me just the look I wanted. Although it still needs some finishing touches like plywood cut to size for the middle and bottom shelf (plus fabric to cover said plywood) and some type of protective covering for the top, here she is in her glory:


I’m making a promise now to take better photos with my real camera once it’s complete. Until then I used some crappy little particle board shelves from another trash find that I actually kind of like. I may cut to size and paint the unfinished edges and keep that slat look for the middle. The bottom has already collapsed under the weight of the baskets full of DVDs so a new plywood shelf is needed ASAP.

Breakdown of project cost to date:

  • Dresser: free (found on the side of the road)
  • Baskets: free (purchased with gift cards at Home Goods)
  • Paint: $12
Plus cost of supplies, so no more than $50. 
I’m officially hooked. Let’s hope this nearly finished project will inspire me to look for the potential in other unloved pieces. 

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