Nice Legs

I just have to say that so far the pickings in Ohio far surpass anything I’ve seen at a yard sale or on the side of the road in Mass. Reason? Beats me. Perhaps the amount of old people per square mile is more in this area, and old people = vintage goodies.

Case in point, this free dresser we scored today that was left out for the trash:

Nan and I were out cruising for garage sales and were feeling slightly disappointed at the lack thereof on this sunny fall morning.

Then we see this baby on the side of the road and banged a U-ey (disclaimer: no one was injured by my Bostonian driving skills in the acquisition of this piece of furniture). Honestly I saw the legs before the whole dresser.

I’m in love. Just what we’ve been looking for. The media area in our living room is in serious need of a revamping and I’ve been searching Craigslist for a dresser-like piece since we moved in. This baby was FREE so that’s a win. I could see this easily going for $50+ on the ol’ CL based on the fact that it’s solid wood and a funky vintage style.

We chose to leave the drawers because our plan is to cut some plywood to size for shelving and use baskets as the bottom “drawers”. The top two spaces will be used for the cable box and DVD player.

Nan and I are psyched about our find and can’t wait to get to work. Hoping to have this little lady refinished and re-purposed by next weekend.

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