Year #24

At 8:34pm tonight I officially enter my 24th year. This one sneaked up on me (note: I wanted to say ‘snuck’ but the internet tells me that isn’t a word.) I use to be one of those people who made sure the 10th of August was clear of any commitments, especially work. This year I’m writing this blog post from my desk at work because, well… I guess I’m too old to keep taking my birthday off. Time to be a big girl. Fortunately tomorrow the Fancy’s and the Craig’s will be gathering to celebrate not only my birthday, but also a belated wedding reception and a going away party all in one.

So one year ago today, I was here:

In the land of giant wicker elephants. Actually it’s the zoo in DC. Now on to some gratuitous animal photos:

After walking around in the DC heat all day, Ev and I ended up here:

At a sushi restaurant for some drinking/noshing. Cheers!

Our stop in DC was at the tail end of our East Coast Road Trip, which looked a little something like this:

Today, we’re 3 weeks away from hitting the road once again, except it’s a one-way trip this time… to make this place our new home:

It’s a little place called Cleveland. You may have heard of it. So as I spend the beginning of my 24th year finalizing details for tomorrow’s party, scrambling to set aside as much stuff to sell as possible at next week’s yard sale, tying up any loose ends at my job and subsequently sending out my resume to Northeast Ohio employers, hoping for the next best thing… I remind myself to smile because my life is changing at this very moment. Despite all that is unknown about what we’re getting ourselves into… we’re excited. The journey continues.

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